Go inside the Oval Office at the Nixon Library

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A replica of the Oval Office, the most famous office in the world, will be enjoyed by visitors to the new museum at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum beginning in October.

The permanent exhibit will be an exact reproduction of President Nixon’s Oval Office including the historic Wilson Desk, iconic bust of Abraham Lincoln, portrait of George Washington and circa 1969 deep-blue oval rug and matching California-gold furniture and drapes. The experience will allow guests to step inside, completely roam the office and even sit behind the President’s desk for a group photo or selfie.

Opening on October 14, 2016, as part of the new museum, the Oval Office is a generous gift of Ambassador and Mrs. George L. Argyros.

“We jumped at the chance to bring the Oval Office to Orange County and hope our gift helps inspire countless thousands of visitors to learn from our history, appreciate American civics, and shape better futures for themselves and others” said Ambassador and Mrs. Argyros.

In this room the 37th President made many consequential decisions that shape the world today including the establishing of detente with the Soviet Union, creating the EPA, ending the draft and creating the all-volunteer military, signing Title IX into law, launching the War on Cancer and lowering of the voting age to 18.

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