Gunned down gangster Pasquale ‘Pat’ Barbaro’s life a cross between Breaking Bad and The Sopranos

GUNNED down gangster Pasquale “Pat” Barbaro’s life was a cross between Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

Like TV’s most famous Italian mobster, Tony soprano, Barbaro was connected to kidnap, firearms and bloody family love feuds.

Like his own grandfather, Pasquale Barbaro was executed after surviving a failed attempt on his life, and was believed to be a police informant.

But Barbaro, 35, who was killed in an execution style shooting on a suburban Sydney street on Monday evening, was also deeply involved in real life versions of the methamphetamine manufacturing themed TV hit, Breaking Bad.

Court documents seen by reveal Barbaro was involved in exploding ice cooking operations in rural NSW.

The ice manufacture, which involved “cooks” of methamphetamine which caught on fire or exploded, was operated by a cabal of six Italian Australians.

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