Massive special op against Islamists underway in 10 federal states – German Interior Ministry

German police have launched a large-scale operation targeting Islamists across ten German federal states, the country’s Interior Ministry (Bundesministeriums des Innern) reported on Tuesday.
According to the German media, police are searching offices and mosques believed to have links to the Islamist missionary network ‘The True Religion,’ which is known to have been distributing free Korans at infostands throughout Germany.
Authorities believe over 500 people to be part of the group, which has some 60 local initiatives throughout the country. The investigators are reportedly after the group’s founder, Abou-Nagie, an Islamist hate preacher of Pakistani origin who lives in Cologne. His home in Cologne has been searched, as well as his girlfriend’s in Bonn.

In total, some 200 mosques, offices, and apartments associated with the group have reportedly been searched in 10 federal states.

Die Welt reports that the raids were carried out in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Hamburg. The operation is also being carried out in the capital, Berlin, where some 50 apartments and offices have been searched.

There have been no reports of arrests as of yet.

The group is widely known for its ‘Lies!’ (read) initiative, which distributes free copies of the Koran while calling on Germans to “read the noble” book.

This morning, apparently in response to the police operation, they wrote a post declaring that “Germany has banned the Koran.”

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