Salim Mehajer ‘arrested and handcuffed’ in Ibiza, ACA says

FORMER Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has allegedly been “arrested and handcuffed” by Spanish police in Ibiza after an altercation with a taxi driver.
A Current Affair aired “exclusive footage” of Mr Mehajer on Monday night, showing he and two friends being spoken to and handcuffed by police and put into a police vehicle.
ACA said it understood the footage was taken last Friday on the famed party island of Ibiza, and alleged police were called by a cab driver who claimed Mehajar had tried to kick him from the back seat of the cab he and his friends had entered.
The controversial former deputy mayor of Auburn has been on a month-long European sojourn, which he has faithfully kept his followers updated with via Instagram.
His most recent photo from Instagram was in Ibiza, Spain, a day ago.The property developer rose to prominence when his lavish wedding to Aysha shut down a street in western Sydney last year.
The ACA footage showed Mehajer on the side of a road, with friends, at times appearing to laugh with police.“We understand the arrest, happened Friday night Spanish time, when Salim and his two friends got into a taxi, eating their take away food,” ACA reported.

Ice cream and chips were spilt in the vehicle, and “a heated argument erupted”, ACA continued.
“The driver became annoyed. The driver then claims, from the back seat, Salim attempted to kick him The taxi driver called the police,” according to ACA.
The footage shows Mr Mehajer and the other two men waiting by the side of the road, then two police arriving on foot. The conversation becomes animated, with one of the policeman gesturing expansively.

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