Severe bike crash may have saved retiree’s life after docs find stage 3 lung cancer

Ken Felix has a lot of faith in people. He spent 40 years as a veterinarian, treating every size and type of animal from parakeets to hippopotamuses, and relished the freedom from lawyers and insurance companies that his medical-doctor friends couldn’t enjoy. Most of all, he liked his clientele.

“Physicians treat everybody— everybody gets sick,” Felix, 68, told, but “[as veterinarians] we only see the people who care enough about their animals to bring in their animals, and they’re all nice people.”

Felix’s faith in humans was tested in May 2015, when he suffered a life-threatening bike crash in his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, that led doctors to detect then use video-assisted surgery to remove his stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer. Felix smoked as a teen but hadn’t taken a puff in nearly 40 years, and he hadn’t been presenting any symptoms of his cancer.

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